Andrew’s writing of faith-based books began with his first book, Signs of the Cross, published by Xlibris in 2001. He then followed up with two more books on the Aramaic origins of the New Testament in 2002 and 2004. He realized that his historical and linguistic studies, which had been a private matter up until this moment, was now getting even more serious.

Following years of discussions with Bible scholars and enthusiasts, Andrew slowly started putting together a translation of the New Testament from Aramaic sources into English and after ten years of labor the Aramaic English New Testament was first released in 2008. He also founded One Faith One People Ministries after traveling and teaching for years between his secular job, and produced and broadcast a regular Bible show on God’s Learning Channel, As it is Written, in 2011 and 2012.

By 2019, having done extensive research into many biblical topics and connecting them with archeological information and getting access to incredibly old manuscripts, he decided to start from scratch with all his books with updated information. If you have not previously purchased his books, he recommends that you start with Kidnapped From God: The Call to Come Home. It lays the foundation for much of his future work.

His newest book, Kidnapped From God: The Call to Come Home, is the first project that he co-wrote with his wife Jaye and was released recently, in February of 2021.

Andrew has become an international speaker having taught in Israel, Canada, South Africa and across the United States and may be contacted for speaking engagements at: